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Nov 15, 2011

Hos Pelle

Another restaurant!

This time, something close from the housing.

After browsing through the app and searching the internet if the restaurant was open, if a reservation was needed, etc. I finally found a restaurant quite close, having also a bistro part: Hos Pelle.

When I arrived, there was not any table available so the waitress asked me if I wanted something to drink. Answered ”Do you have anything with Absolut Vodka in it?”. She replied that she had not something in mind with that but that she could come up with something. Ended up with a Vodka/Grapefruit/Cranberry/Schweppes. Really nice.

Before my glass was empty, I was able to move to a table.

It was quite a lengthy, but really nice, dinner. While waiting: bread and butter. Asked for a refill even before the entrée.

Had something green, liquid and a bit spicy as an entrée. Then, the daily main dish, meat with a spicy sauce and a sidedish I cannot recall. Then Swedish cheese plate and Espresso.

The Swedish cheese plate was made with a quite salty bleu, a hard cheese (like the cheddar, but not the taste of the cheddar) and a “soft” cheese with the outside made from pine bark.

Really Swedish. Really happy.

Nov 14, 2011

Melissa Horn at the Skråen

Thursday night was the concert of Melissa Horn at the Skråen. She is only touring in Scandinavia (because of the language and the fact that people would not get the lyrics otherwise).

I bought my ticket in September to be sure to have a seat! She is currently touring: “på turné” (On Tour in Swedish).

Just before talking about the concert itself, here are a few lines about how I discovered Melissa Horn.

One day, looking for Mozart’s Horn Concertos, I typed ‘horn’ in Spotify. As you may know, Spotify is Swedish (and also sorts music by popularity) so I ended up with a couple of lines of Melissa Horn before even seeing some horn concertos at the bottom of the list. Clicked on it (I already had a couple of really nice Swedish music) to give it a try. I really liked it so I went to my fav’ website and get the albums from it. Listened to the albums quite a lot. It was about a year ago.

Then, when I arrived in Aalborg, I checked for things to do & see, including concerts. When I spotted that Melissa Horn was touring for her new album, I bought the ticket. I also bought the new album and the debut album “Langa Natter” (for Long Night) too.

Signed cover - Innan jag kände dig Melissa Horn ticket

So, what about the concert? Well, people were not as young as expected. The room was strangely made for a concert room : seats were not facing the scene but some tables were … perpendicular to the stage. Well done. Still, I managed to get a seat perfectly in front of the stage!

Melissa Horn at the Skråen, Aalborg

— Stage, plain front!

Concert lasted for about 1h40. Starting with the new album songs (as usual) and finishing with the already classic (!) Långa Nätter (also debut album) or Falla Fritt. A few talks between some songs. I guess it was Swedish but many people laughed so whether the Danes can truly understand Swedish or the Swedes living here came to the concert. I? Didn’t get a thing except the “God Tack”.

Melissa Horn at the Skråen, Aalborg Melissa Horn at the Skråen, Aalborg Melissa Horn at the Skråen, Aalborg Melissa Horn at the Skråen, Aalborg

— Pictures from the show (maybe not in correct order…)

One important thing to say is that Melissa Horn is changing as often of guitar as The Edge (U2) does. But here, only acoustic guitar (for her at least).

Melissa Horn at the Skråen, Aalborg

— Changing the guitar


— The Edge (U2 in Paris)

The band included four other people: a keyboardist, a drummer, a bassist and a guitarist. The guitarist did also some vocals parts (such as Lars Winnerbäck part on ‘Som jag hade dig förut’). Extra instruments were present too.

Some songs were more dynamic than in the album. I should really have taped this show!

After the show, she did a signing session and there was not too many people in the queue. Got my ticket signed and the debut album cover signed too. She was surprised when I told her where I was coming from. Still, don’t expect a show there.

Love from Melissa Horn Melissa Horn

(few) more pictures are available on Flickr.



Woke up late due to the long day the day before.

Went to the tourist office and asked how to go to the archipelago. The archipelagos are on both sides of the mouth of the Göta älv on the Kattegat.

Learnt that the archipelagos are served quite often by boats. Indeed, there are some people living on the islands and the boats act like a tram or a bus. Therefore… it is the same price as other public transportations! SEK 21 only!

The boat is to catch at Salthomen. There is the tram #11 ending at Salthomen. It is a ~30-minute ride from the center of Göteborg.

Arrived at 1 pm at the ferry terminal. The light outside was already like a 4 or 5 pm light!

I decided to go to Vrångö instead of the other islands because:

  • Vrångö is the farthest. Meaning I would see all the others by the sea
  • It is also the wildest one, with the fewer people leaving there (only 400 inhabitants)

While going there, the boat stopped about 6 times, dropping and getting less than 10 people each time.

The Swedish flag (the Archipelago in the back)

On the islands, there are no cars. People have some small electric cars (such as golf cars), some kind of moped with a place to put things or wheelbarrows.

After an hour, the boat finally stopped at Vrångö. On the way, the boat came very close to the coast many times, allowing me to see the small houses on the rocks facing the sea.

Going to Vrångö (the Archipelago)

When I disembarked, there was a couple loading a bunch of stuff on a small moped. Quite funny.

I crossed the village to the other end of the island. There is a rock which is one of the highest spot of the island!


The North of the island is wooded while the South is mainly rocks. Headed North, starting by visiting the small harbour.

I then took a small path to a creek, then continued to the North. The path was leading to the cemetery. Cross a bit of the forest to go on the top of the rock that was surmounting the small creek I was before. Saw some deer.

Creek in Vrångö Vrångö

Had to go backwards, from the cemetery to the main path before heading North again. Did not encountered a lot of people on the path. Headed to another creek on the West of the island before going back to the town.

The weather was becoming cloudy so I decided to go closer to the ferry pier, just in case… As I arrived in advance, I decided to walk a bit South. It was starting to be windy. I was on top of a rock when the boat arrived. Rushed down the rock and run along the shore to be sure to get that boat… and not the one 1:30 hour later!

A cove in Vrångö

On the way back, the boat stopped to a small island where people had to call at least half an hour before the boat leave in order to have it to stop at the pier!

Once back in Saltholmen, took the tram “home”.

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