Dec 18, 2015

Cuba, prologue

Leaving home at 4.20 am for the S-Bahn but misses the train by 1 minute. It is snowing lightly outside and therefore not very cold. In 20 hours it will be 30°C. Munich The plane for Paris is on time despite the snow. In Paris, getting out of the plane followed by a fast border crossing. The agent asks me to think of him when I'll be smoking a cigar. The plane for Havana is delayed. No exciting movies to watch nevertheless, I choose * Self/less* with Ben Kingsley. An hour before arriving in Cuba, we fly over the Bahamas. It looks like a nice place to go to... The plane arrives on time. The queue for the immigration goes well even though there isn’t much indication. The visa document that I stapled on the passport is removed so the immigration agent can take the non-stapled part. I'll staple it back on the passport… more than a week later! Right after immigration, there is a hand luggage check! I Pick up the luggage and pass the customs handling the paper filled in the plane : first and last names are switched but no one cares. Outside, there is a queue to withdraw money. It takes about thirty minutes to reach the counter. 1 CUC being almost equals to 1 Euro, I end up with 153 CUC. The cab to Havana is 25 CUC flat rate. On arrival, the driver has – of course – no change, ending up giving 30 CUC for the ride. Getting the keys for the accommodation (casa particular), going for dinner (7 CUC) and talking schedule with Martha (a friend’s friend). Though I'm not staying at Martha's she helps me build my 3-week schedule.