Aug 28, 2011

First day in Aalborg (including some weather statement!)

First of all, the flat is REALLY AWESOME. I will do a post about that later, but there is already some around on twitter :)

Wake up kind of early, time to get some cash (DKK), and get some basic expensive food before letting my friend go back home*.

At 9.45am, there was no one in the streets. At 10.15pm or something like that, big and small supermarkets are opened, on a Sunday! Paid ~140 DKK (~20 €) for two bags of pastas, two bottles of fresh milk with weird % on it, some potatoes, some (very) salty raw fishes in a bottle and some bread (including rye bread). 

It was fresh outside but nice with the glowing sun though. The weather forecast said it was between 17°C and 11°C. I guess I will always have a jacket with me even though it is still summer…

Drove quickly downtown. Google Maps says it is 4 km away. It is also a nice road going down a small hill… should be nice when I will have a bike!

Slept till four (jet lagged? oh no, not anymore, not even for lunch & dinner!) then there was a no-fun afternoon…

The weather is… well… very nice sun, no clouds… then, clouds, shower… then clouds get away, sun again… shower again… oh, and there is shower with a very nice sun light too. All of that in a day! Aalborg also has an average of 18 raining days per month…

* well, I won’t say anything about it, but it could have been better.