Nov 15, 2011

Hos Pelle

Another restaurant!

This time, something close from the housing.

After browsing through the app and searching the internet if the restaurant was open, if a reservation was needed, etc. I finally found a restaurant quite close, having also a bistro part: Hos Pelle.

When I arrived, there was not any table available so the waitress asked me if I wanted something to drink. Answered ”Do you have anything with Absolut Vodka in it?”. She replied that she had not something in mind with that but that she could come up with something. Ended up with a Vodka/Grapefruit/Cranberry/Schweppes. Really nice.

Before my glass was empty, I was able to move to a table.

It was quite a lengthy, but really nice, dinner. While waiting: bread and butter. Asked for a refill even before the entrée.

Had something green, liquid and a bit spicy as an entrée. Then, the daily main dish, meat with a spicy sauce and a sidedish I cannot recall. Then Swedish cheese plate and Espresso.

The Swedish cheese plate was made with a quite salty bleu, a hard cheese (like the cheddar, but not the taste of the cheddar) and a “soft” cheese with the outside made from pine bark.

Really Swedish. Really happy.