Sep 17, 2011

Two weeks at AAU

Not that many updates in the last past week, uh? Well, I was working… hard.

Here are a few things from the courses & project I have at AAU. 

I have three different courses, all are technical. They are all based on the principle that you have to read a chapter before coming. Then, during the course, the professor is telling you quite the same thing but with more details. He can also help you to get what you have not understood… yet. I am not used to that kind of way to do but I would like to say I think it is better and I hope it will work fine for me!

Lectures are divided in two (but not evenly): a first part with the course itself, the second part is you, doing some exercises while the professor is away. He comes back later, every half and hour or so, to help you. And he speaks Danish to the students, and sometimes looks at you, saying “well, we were talking about quick summary of the last past 5 minutes" then goes back to Danish. Each lecture is 3.45-hour long.

During the second lecture, the professor has to tell you when the exam is, what is it about and how it is graded. I have two courses with an oral exam and one which is pass-or-fail. Basically, the pass-or-fail one is already acquired unless you do not really work. It is graded on how well you behave and understand during the lectures.

There is a total of 12 lectures per course.

Next lecture is on Monday… and then next Monday.

In the mean time, we have a project running. All the spare time during weekdays is dedicated to the project.