Nov 12, 2011

West Side Story at the GoteborgsOperan

This year is the 50th anniversary of West Side Story (the film)!

When I came to the ticket office, I asked for something not too expensive even though musicals are less expensive than “opera” or “dance” categories. I chose a seat on the 3rd balcony, on the side and in the back. Not the best seat indeed.

The balconies are weirdly set up. Very rounded and seats do not start from the stage (but a couple of meters away).

Still, it was fine. And the view from the top allowed me to see all the shadows, much more than from the ground in fact.

The conductor was not clapped. He just arrived and the show started. A little bit surprising.

The musical was all in Swedish, and even though I knew what was going on, I did not recall everything.

The musical was upgraded with some really nice dance parts.

After the intermission, I changed from the very side to a seat more in the middle. Maybe I have changed of seat category too. Here is the view after the change.

After the intermission, no bell, no clap for the conductor. Everyone was back in their seats at the correct time, lights turned off again and the music started instantly.

– The cast at the end

– The opera by night (blurry but also the only one I have got …)

Here is the trailer.

Definitely worth it!